1: Neiko Heavy Duty Tire Gauge With Large Dial, Flex Hose

Neiko Heavy Duty Tire Gauge With Large Dial, Flex Hose

Good product

Bought this for my parents’ 40 foot motorhome. They needed the high pressure gauge and the dual head for the double side by side tires. A standard gauge would not work for either of these needs. So far, they are happy with it and have no complaints.
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Works great

Gauge works great. Long metal tube lets you quickly check pressure without fiddling with the hose like other gauges. Some reviewers complain about the smell, but it smells just like bicycle inner-tube rubber and isn’t that bad – if people can’t stand it then they should just put it in a Ziploc bag.


Air Gage

I Bought this for a Friend as A Gift ,, he has allot of Tools BUT ONE THING HE DID NOT HAVE , Was A Tire Air Gage a Good ONE , Grate Item ,, a Recommended Buy , O-by the Way I Saw this on a Action Sit on the Internet & Amazon Price was 50% Cheeper ..


Smells and works like dead fish

I bought a high pressure gauge because my compact spare runs at 60 psi, and I don’t want to risk damaging my regular gauges (60 psi max reading). Avoid this unit.

(1)Same problem as others. Strong odor. Out of the package it stinks. Left it overnight in the garage. Smelled like dead fish. Removed boot. Oily film inside. Washed it like someone else suggested. Not as strong, but still stinks. Oily film remains. I think the rubber is not cured properly, and some chemical compound is oozing out slowly, and will continue to ooze out. Not good.

(2)Same problem as others. Leaks. Stinky boot aside…Gauge does have a heavy duty hose and chuck. However, the gauge seats on the valve stem inconsistently and leaks. The bleed valve is crude and also leaks. There’s too much clearance between the piston and sleeve and it binds when you push on it. The spring is junk and doesn’t pop back properly. This was sold by an afiliated vendor, but fufilled by Amazon. I’m glad, because returns are painless with Amazon. Now I need to find another high pressure gauge.


Pressure Release DOA

Right out of the package the pressure release was broken, and when I tried to use the gauge it never moved from zero. I put it back in the box and returned to Amazon. I was kind of disappointed because the overall quality of the guage doesn’t seem bad… I guess it’s just hit or miss if you get a good one.


It works as it should

The air gauge was delivered in 3 days. I opened it up and went out to try it. It is very simple to use and, from all I can tell, it is very accurate. As noted earlier it does have a smell of rubber, but then it does have a rubber hose.


Good Gauge

It does a good job. I bought it for the pressure release valve that works well. Its a little hard to make the seal sometimes and a little air will leak out but this isn’t a huge problem. What was really cool to me was that once you take the gauge away from the tire it will still show the pressure of the tire until you press the button to reset the gauge.

Very good quality product

Well constructed. Durable. Accurate. Price was great. Shipping was quick and reasonable.


good tire gauge

Easy to read white gauge, good two way valve and flex hose makes insertion into tire easy. Not too big, not too small. Smelled weird for a couple days (strong chemical smell) but then smell wore off. Best tire gauge I’ve ever bought!

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