1: Accutire Ms-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge

Accutire MS-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge

Digital tire gauge

This product is so good that anyone using the old manual popout, especially mechanics should should emphasize that not using the digital could jeopardize their tire conditions.

BuyingAccutire MS-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge

I thought it was dead but a drop of water revived it….

I bought it back in August 2008. I used it quite frequently for a few months and it worked accurately and consistently when compared with several gas station automated air pumps (that automatically add or bleed air until the correct pressure is reached). Just two days ago, April 10 2010, I tried to use it and could not get it to work. Instead it kept showing 00.0. Nearly threw it away. Today I had a hunch and carefully dropped a droplet of water into the receptacle. Lo and behold it worked ! Presumably because it restored proper sealing between tire and gauge.


Very accurate and durable Tire Gauge

I got new tires recently that were not exactly cheap, so I wanted to make sure I took good care of them. I found that I could never get analog/non-digital to the correct tire pressure that I wanted. This digital tire pressure gauge seems to really accurate, within .5 PSI.

I got a tire patched recently, and before I left the shop I checked my tire pressure. The guy who fixed walked up and asked what I was doing. I told him I have pretty new tires and kind of crazy about the tire pressure. He said he set all the tires to 40PSI. I went around and checked and they were set anywhere from 38.5-39.5 but nothing was at 40PSI.


An essential tool for proper maintenance of your tires

A digital tire gauge is very helpful in maintaining the correct pressure for your tires. It has a bright digital display of the tire pressure and holds it for several seconds even after you have taken it off the tire valve. The pressure readings are in 0.5 psi increments. I had one that I have used for over three years. When I bought another car, I purchased another Accutire gauge so that I could have one in each car.


Great product

Works perfect so far. Is very accurate, and does not leak air like others say, if you press it straight on.


Excellant Tire Gauge

User Friendly in everyway. A must to have in the car. Worth the cost & than some. Have used it a dozen times with NO PROBLEMS.


Depends on the grip…

The first time I used this gauge I leaked out a lot of air before I was able to get a clear reading. The next day, after some experimentation, I figured out that it worked a lot better if I only adjusted my grip.

I was originally gripping it like I would hold a hammer: all five fingers wrapped around the black rubber. As such, I kept levering the tip into the nozzle at an angle, preventing a flush seal which was why the air kept leaking out.

The solution: press your index finger onto the back of the gauge, back near the “E” – there’s even a finger shaped groove/dent there! Then, when you go to take a reading, push in with your index finger moderately hard. This should give you a better feel for the nozzle and allow you to apply more direct pressure for a better seal.

After using this grip, I was able to get more consistent readings. I would still leak some air on occasion, but nowhere as bad as I did in the beginning. It may seem pretty obvious to simply put your finger there, but not for me. I had an older version of this same gauge that I used for over 10 years. That model worked perfectly every time, even with my old grip, until I lost it. All in all, this is a suitable replacement. Hopefully, this helps out anybody who can’t seem to get the hang of things the first time around.

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