pen pull out paper
pen pull out paper, pull out banner pen

Pen with pull out paper is a unique and special ballpoint pen with paper rolled inside the barrel, which can be pull out up to 168*68MM larger size! Do you ever think you can put such a big advertisement area in a full functional normal size ballpoint pen?! What’s more, you can imprint both sides of large 168*68mm paper.
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The ?Pen pull out paper is an ideal promotional gift that is both functional and informative. Our pens are widely used as corporate promotional giveaways, tradeshow promotional items, exhibition pen give aways, customer promotional items, charity promotional ideas, or a unique business card. These promotional pens have an immediate impact.

The promotional products buyer is always looking for a new standout concept that will really grab people’s attention. The Pen pull out paper has just hit the market and our clients are extremely happy with the response from customers, prospects and members.

Unlike traditional promotional gifts that people often quickly forget about, the Pen pull out paper is one of the few promotional items that will keep on selling, informing and educating your prospects for months.
Each time they pull out the brochure to show colleagues and friends, relevant information about your business, products or services will be displayed.

Remember it is hard today to find cheap promotional products that really catch peoples attention but also has a useful function.

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